5 Stars!!!

Testing the boundaries between love, obsession, dominance and betrayal ‘Children of the Incubi: I. Marriage of Heaven and Hell’ is a mythological fantasy epic that is graceful and compassionately narrated in a sumptuous volume brimming with passion, peril and demonic threats.

The story plot flips back and forth with intricately fascinating details that are relentlessly gripping, as two haunting ghosts task Lily to write an unnarrated saga of heaven and hell unfolding the mythological epic of God Amon and devil Marduk of Incubi, who were bonded with each other for good by grandfather Phoenix into a family marriage alliance to strengthen their unity and power over mutual enemies, but these ties turnout to be the tragic destruction that leaves them (Amon & Marduk) battling the adversities of fate from evolving into a threat for god colonies.

Author Lana M. Wiggins immaculately sketches a masterpiece that is an original and engrossing contribution to the epic fantasy genre and is sure to appeal to cynics and thrilling fantasy lovers alike as the supernatural undertones saturate the narrative through profound exploration of life in a way that is both deeply moving and heartwarming.

Deliberate, impeccable and extraordinary, author Lana M. Wiggins 1st book in series ‘Children of the Incubi: I. Marriage of Heaven and Hell’  is a 5 star read that is worth indulging in.

~Enas Reviews  See full review here: https://enasreviews.com/book-reviews/children-of-the-incubi-i-marriage-of-heaven-and-hell/

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